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Tweety JW (JW30)

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"Knocks the rust right off your thumb!"

The all-new Tweety JW is here! With a wingspan just under 30", the Tweety JW is ready to contend the tweety class of DS planes. Built extra light, it is a go-anywhere sloper that easily lashes to a backpack. But don't let its small size fool you, the Tweety JW is a serious plane capable of astounding speed and aerobatics. Do you have the reflexes? Hone your skills with the Tweety JW and impress your friends!

Build Log
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Wingspan: 29.5"
Wing Area: 180 Sq. In.
Airfoil: Joe Wurts design
Weight: 8 oz+
Wingloading: 6 oz / sq. ft.

Kit includes:
1.9lb EPP Wings (CNC cut w/ spar slot)
1.9lb EPP Fuselage (CNC cut w/ wing cutout and tail slot)
Light Hollow Carbon Spars (top only w/ light aluminum joiner)
Balsa Tapered Elevons
Coroplast Tail Template
2-56 Pushrods and Clevises
T-Style Nylon Control Horns
Building Instructions
Kit Box

Radio Gear (Not Included):
2 Hitec HS-45HB Servos or KST DS245MG Servos
Micro Receiver
300mah Battery

Additional Items Needed (Not Included):
3M 77 Spray Contact Cement
Xacto Knife
Sanding Block
1 1/2" or 2" Strapping Tape
Silicone Glue or CA, Epoxy, Goop, Hot Glue
Colored Packing Tape or Ultracoat for covering

The JW pictured was finished in colored packing tape. The possibilities are endless with how you choose to finish your JW. Be creative, and share your creation on rcgroups.com!

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