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Are Airfoils Important?

In this age of mass-produced pop-out planes and corogated plastic "flat" wing electrics, the importance of a good airfoil is becoming forgotten. Even in years past, it seemed that every plane used the same, low-performance airfoil and nobody was the wiser.

But in this day and age of computerized airfoil analysis, there is no reason to fly a plane with a poorly selected airfoil. Or even a plane with no airfoil whatsoever (depron / coro flat wings). Thanks to the genius efforts of Joe Wurts 15 years ago, the JW airfoil still remains as the quintessential high-performance foam airfoil.

Yes, proper airfoils make a dramatic difference in a plane. Know that your JW or Sonic has one of the most amazing RC airfoils ever created. You will instantly feel the precision, speed and handling performance of your new JW and will quickly realize how special the airfoil is.