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06/04/2017 JW Tape is no longer available.

05/25/2016 jwglider.com is proud to add linkage.jp as our Japanese distributor!

03/1/2016 The all-new Tweety JW is available standalone or as a bundle with the JW48 UL!

01/15/2016 The Super Scooter is now shipping! Get yours today!

12/03/2015 jwglider.com is proud to add t9hobbysport.com as our European distributor!

10/03/2015 The Comanche returns! The Comanche is now available.

07/11/2015 The all new JW48 UL is now available!

02/11/2015 The Sonic is now available again, updated with the latest airfoil!

01/26/2015 The updated Mini JW is now available!

06/01/2015 Today marks the 1 year anniversary of jwglider.com!

06/01/2014 jwglider.com is now online!