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06/05/2020 The checkout function of the website is down and there is no ETA on when it will work again. Please use the contact form to tell us what kit(s) you are looking for and we will get it taken care of for you.

06/04/2017 JW Tape is no longer available.

05/25/2016 jwglider.com is proud to add linkage.jp as our Japanese distributor!

03/1/2016 The all-new Tweety JW is available standalone or as a bundle with the JW48 UL!

01/15/2016 The Super Scooter is now shipping! Get yours today!

12/03/2015 jwglider.com is proud to add t9hobbysport.com as our European distributor!

10/03/2015 The Comanche returns! The Comanche is now available.

07/11/2015 The all new JW48 UL is now available!

02/11/2015 The Sonic is now available again, updated with the latest airfoil!

01/26/2015 The updated Mini JW is now available!

06/01/2015 Today marks the 1 year anniversary of jwglider.com!

06/01/2014 jwglider.com is now online!