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JW Model Comparison

The JW glider is available in several wingspans and several versions within those wingspans. The following information will explain the purpose of the various configurations.

The 60" span is the premier, high-speed version of the JW. Its larger size allows for the highest top speeds while at the same time being easier to see and control at speed. Built light, it is a potent acro and thermal machine.

The 48" span is a compromise between speed and maneuverability. The shorter wingspan allows for a much faster roll rate which gives the 48" JW the edge when it comes to frontside aerobatics and backside DS acro. It is easier to transport than the larger 60" model.

The 36" span JW is a very responsive aerobatic and ds plane. The short wingspan allows for incredible roll rate. Because it has the legendary JW airfoil, it is a very fast and efficient DS plane which has the locked-in feel of its larger siblings. On the front or the back, the small size has novelty value and its performance shocks anyone who flies the plane.

The 30" span JW is not just a novelty. It has the proven JW airfoil and design, but in a much smaller package. Durability and high speed are preserved. If you love tiny planes the fly like larger ones, then the Tweety JW is a worthy addition to your hangar.

The different versions of the planes are the UL, Classic, Pro and DS Special. Each has a unique purpose and intended wind range.

The UL is the 'Ultra Light' version with the lightest components. It is intended for frontside sloping on lighter wind days and for insanely agile acro DS. The lighter weight allows for the most aggressive maneuvering possible and will out turn anything else in the sky.

The Classic is the traditional version with hollow spars and a wood trailing edge stiffener. This all-around version works in a wide wind range and can built light or heavy depending on user preference.

The Pro is a direct upgrade from the Classic. The spars on the Pro are solid carbon fiber and the trailing edge stiffener is carbon fiber. These heavier components result in a heavier but stronger airframe and so the Pro is intended for higher wind conditions. The user is encouraged to build a wood fin for better tracking at high speed.

The DS Special stands for "Double Spar". It is a Pro with an extra top and bottom spar. This means there are 4 spar slots, 4 aluminum joiners and 8 carbon rods for spars! This extra weight and stiffness results in the heaviest of the JWs and is intended for the highest wind conditions. As with the Pro, the user is encouraged to build a wood fin for better tracking at high speed. Bagging the elevons is also a worthy upgrade.