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JW: A True Icon

No other foamy plane has attained the iconic status of the JW in the world of Dynamic Soaring. In fact, we may never see another icon emerge again. The JW was created by the father of EPP planes and the father of dynamic soaring. It is a once in a lifetime union of the 2 most important people in the hobby.

The legendary speed, performance and durability of the JW glider has led to it being a yardstick by which all pilots can measure both their building skills and piloting skills. The top speed of foamies is well within the reach of every DS pilot and so even today the JW continues to be the plane with which all pilots can compare themselves to each other. A quick check of the foam speed list confirms that the JW has hundreds more speed entries than any other foamy known. And the number of entries continues to grow.

The JW also is the most recommended plane for new dynamic soaring pilots to cut their teeth on. While many planes can work for learning the DS ropes, the JW has the magic that makes the learning process quick and easy. Rather than use an "off the shelf" airfoil or amateur airfoil, the JW employs a finely-tuned airfoil designed by a Lockheed Skunkworks aeronautical engineer specifically for dynamic soaring. That engineer happens to be the father of dynamic soaring too. It is easy to see why his initials were used to name the JW.

This video of Joe Wurts flying the JW at Parker Mountain sums it all up.