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Will the JW Fly Frontside?

The JW glider is known as the best DS foamy that money can buy. It has earned this reputation through years of refinement and countless flights all around the world.

But the JW is also an exceptional frontside sloper. Because of the large wing area and large size, the JW can be used for thermal and slope racing as well. The custom airfoil is designed to retain maximum energy when turning tightly and because of this the plane is very fast when performing racing turns and the plane retains momentum when tightly thermalling.

A light weight JW can fly in almost no wind on the slope while at the same time having the structural strength to also be flown on the windiest days. The variety of JW versions allows a pilot to have several purpose-built JWs for a wide range of wind speeds. Huge pumps and tight loops are the JWs specialty. Inverted performance is exceptional and the plane can perform endless outside loops.

The robust design of the JW makes it perhaps the most durable plane in the sky. This allows the pilot to fly new spots or rocky spots without fear of major damage on landing. Because the plane is mostly foam, any minor dings can be field repaired with tape.

The JW is a wicked combat machine and is highly regarded for its battle-axe ability to take out any other plane while effortlessly flying away from the incident. Even when upset, a light JW will usually correct within a vertical distance of less than its wingspan. DS combat is another area the JW excels.

Flying frontside is the best way to learn to fly gliders and the JW is the ultimate learning tool. Once the JW has its CG correctly set and the controls dialed in, a beginner can focus on learning to fly rather than worrying about the plane becoming damaged from the requisite crashes during the learning process. A "buddy cord" which connects a trainer transmitter to a student transmitter via a cable is the surest way to getting your wings and flying solo in the shortest period of time.

We are proud to add the new JW48 UL to the list of exceptional front side gliders available at jwglider.com! The JW48 UL is quickly becoming a favorite sloper of pilots all over the world.