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1. Why does the shopping cart redirect to PayPal when I checkout?

This is because we use PayPal to process transactions securely on their server. This is by design. When your transaction is completed, you are directed back to www.jwglider.com. NOTE: PayPal transaction function is down. Send us a message on the contact form with what you are looking for.

2. I am in California but I do not see sales tax in my shopping cart. What happened?

This is normal. When you checkout and are taken to our PayPal page, sales tax will be added to your total. Customers shipping outside of California will not have sales tax added.

3. When I checkout and go to the PayPal secure page to enter my payment information or PayPal account, it says "Surfer Graphics Inc". Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. Surfer Graphics Inc sells the JW glider kits and digital skins through our www.jwglider.com website. Our PayPal account is under our "brick and mortar" name.

4. I changed my mind and would like a refund and to return the kit(s) I bought.

No problem. We can process any return within 30 days of the original transaction date. If you are running close to the deadline, let us know at https://www.jwglider.com/contact (or refer to your PayPal receipt for contact options) so we can expedite the process. If a product has not shipped, you will receive a full refund. If the product has shipped, we will refund the total less any shipping and handling charges. Let us know if your situation is unique so we can resolve it to everyone's satisfaction.

5. I ordered "Digital Skins" and they look fantastic, but I am worried about correctly applying them to the plane. How can I learn more?

See the Digital Skins Build Log on RCGroups. Any experienced modeler will find our Digital Skins to be one of the easiest to apply covering materials they have ever used. Those new to model building will also find the skins to easy to install with the help of the Digital Skins Build Log on RCGroups! NOTE: Digital Skins are currently discontinued.

6. I have never built a "foamy" plane before, what resources can I access to get up to speed?

Without a doubt, all new foamy builders and even veteran builders will find all the information they need at www.rcgroups.com. Search for build threads on the JW and get ready to become informed!

7. I am new to dynamic soaring, but all my glider buddies are recommending I get a JW to learn. Which version of the JW should I start with?

This is perhaps the most important question for new DS pilots. The JW60 Classic has been the default 'dub for aspiring DS pilots all over the world. It allows for a light-weight build for learning in light to medium wind and will withstand abuse. It can also be "beefed up" during the build process if you typically fly in high wind. The JW60 Classic is no slouch either, as it held the world foamy record speed of 232mph for many years!

8. I am into VTPR and ultra-light epp gliders. Do you have a version of the JW that will allow me to fly in the most marginal conditions while still being responsive?

Yes. The JW48 UL was custom tailored for the low-wind and frontside pilots. It contains weight reducing materials and options that combined with clever building techniques will allow for the lightest JW builds ever seen. It still retains the legendary JW crashworthiness and stick feel, but due to mass reduction it needs minimal wind to get on step.The JW48 UL is an exceptional sloper.

9. I own a hobby store or online hobby e-store or national hobby distributorship and would like to stock the JW for my customers. Who do I contact?

Fill out our contact form at https://www.jwglider.com/contact with your information so we can get in touch with you.

10. Who makes the JW and where is it made?

The JW kits are fabricated in our own facility in the United States of America. We use only the finest quality components of domestic origin. Since the beginning, the JW has used only the highest quality components. Since taking over the JW project, we have continued to use the same suppliers and parts for all of the kit. From the foam to carbon to hardware bits to even the kit box, the JW you buy today is the same great plane you have grown to love over the years.