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Dynamic Soaring?

To the uninitiated, Dynamic Soaring may appear to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The very suggestion that a glider can fly in the turbulent air on the lee side of a slope goes against the core teachings of slope flying dating back to the beginnings of radio-control (R/C) slope flying. Skeptics abound.

But Dynamic Soaring (DS) is real. It is perhaps the most rewarding form of R/C. Learning to "DS" is a challenge, made easier with the correct equipment. Once mastered, DS brings new meaning to flying slope and opens up a whole new world of R/C flying. DS has brought many R/C slopers of old out of retirement since it is fresh and invigorating.

The mystery of DS is no mystery at all. Seeing it in person quashes any doubts about its validity. Trying to explain how Dynamic Soaring works to a skeptic or even an eager listener can prove daunting.

Here is a video that attempts to simplify the explanation with motion graphics that even the most stubborn nay-sayer can understand:

Dynamic Soaring Explained