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There are several important heritage models available at www.jwglider.com. Along the way to developing the JW glider, several critical planes had to be developed:

"Ruffneck" - world's first EPP plane and DS plane

"Ruffneck Comanche" - improved version of the Ruffneck

"The Comanche" - further improvements to the Ruffneck Comanche

"Sonic" - first DS wing

"JW" - first DS plank; derived from the Sonic

We are proud to offer the Comanche, Sonic wing and JW plank kits for sale around the world. These are important heritage models in the world or R/C and Dynamic Soaring. Without these planes, both Dynamic Soaring and EPP planes would not exist!

You can now own each of these impressive planes. These models are the absolute best kits on the market and performance is far beyond any other plane you have flown.

The Comanche traces its roots to the Ruffneck, the first EPP plane ever made and the very model that Joe Wurts flew when he discovered the technique of Dynamic Soaring. Many pilots in the early days learned to DS using the Comanche.

The Sonic was developed later as a wing dedicated to aerobatic dynamic soaring. Highly regarded as the fastest wing in the sky, the Sonic paved the way for the most important EPP plane of all time: the JW plank.

The JW plank came about as a happy accident. Pat Bowman had some Sonic cores sitting on a table with the leading edges straight and thought it looked like it could be a good plane. He built the first JW based on this new planform and added a fuselage. The plane was incredible and quickly became the gold-standard EPP plane for learning to DS, for chasing EPP speed records, and for honing aerobatic skills. Joe Wurts developed custom airfoils for the JW which further enhance its performance. The unique and durable planform of the JW combined with the high-performance airfoil are what separate it from the rest of the pack.