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Whacrobatics is the newest rage to hit the DS slopes! What is whacrobatics? Take a look:

Whacrobatics video

Whacrobatics 2 video

Whacrobatics is aerial art. It is centered around 2 principals. First, fly tight and fast and close to the deck. Second, fly at least 25% of your maneuvers as "outside" turns and loops that are often aimed at the ground. It requires quick reflexes and a very special airplane. That airplane is the JW48 UL. The discovery of Whacrobatics was only possible with the creation of the ultralight JW48 glider.

The JW48 UL is a very unique plane that is ideal for performing whacrobatic displays. The special airfoil allows for tight "paperclip" type inside and outside loops while actually gaining speed. This high performance allows the pilot to string together multiple crazy looking maneuvers in a very short period of time. Low wing loading and excellent penetration allow the pilot to recover from backside stalls and quickly get to safety on the front of the hill. This makes learning whacrobatics a breeze!

Wacrobatics does not require an "epic" DS hill as it can be performed at any hill that supports dynamic soaring. Ideal wind range is 15-25 mph. It is addicting and new and extremely fun. Give it a go today!