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Legendary JW Quality

The JW has a reputation for being a high quality kit. That reputation is well earned. While there are "cheaper" kits on the market and even extra low cost Chinese knock offs, the premium parts and precision manufacturing put the JW kit in a class of its own.

No detail is overlooked with the JW. Details such as weight and stiffness matched elevons, devaporized bonded EPP foam, precision hardware, top-shelf spars and more. These high quality components are processed on precision machinery to ensure quality and consistency in every JW kit.

Our "never out of stock" policy ensures that the JW you want will ship immediately. In the rare case that there is a back order, you will be notified and kept abreast of the status of your kit.

We believe that a quality kit demands a quality purchasing process. Our simple but easy to use website allows you to research which JW is right for you and then allows you to securely complete your transaction on PayPal's server.

While the JW you buy today is the same quality JW you have bought over the years, enhancements on the backend make the current JW's the best ever. And now, with the new Digital Skins, the JW of today is the best looking JW ever!