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"I had no idea a plane could turn this hard!"

The new slope favorite! The 48" version of the JW is a great addition to your JW fleet. With a faster roll rate than the 60" JW, the JW 48 excels at smooth frontside aerobatics while still retaining the trademark JW stability in the DS groove. The UL version of the 48" JW is designed to cater to the demands of both front side and back side pilots and works in all conditions. Slope, thermal, racing and combat. Optimized for a lighter build, the JW 48 pulls impossibly tight turns and loops without losing speed and can out maneuver any other plane at the slope. DS is not all about pure speed, get a JW 48 UL and experience the finest DS acro machine available today!

NOTE: The JW 48 UL replaces the JW 60 UL.

Wingspan: 48"
Wing Area: 385 Sq. In.
Airfoil: Joe Wurts design
Weight: 16 oz+
Wingloading: 6 oz / sq. ft.

Kit includes:
1.9lb EPP Wings (CNC cut w/ spar slots)
1.9lb EPP Fuselage (CNC cut w/ wing cutout and tail slot)
Hollow Carbon Spar (top only w/ light aluminum joiner)
No Drag Spars
Balsa Tapered Elevons
Coroplast Tail Template
2-56 Pushrods and Clevises
T-Style Nylon Control Horns
Building Instructions
Kit Box

Radio Gear (Not Included):
2 Hitec HS-65MG Servos
900mah Battery

Additional Items Needed (Not Included):
3M 77 Spray Contact Cement
Xacto Knife
Sanding Block
1 1/2" or 2" Strapping Tape
White Gorilla Glue, CA, Epoxy, Goop, Hot Glue
Colored Packing Tape or Ultracoat for covering

The JW pictured was finished in colored packing tape. The possibilities are endless with how you choose to finish your JW. Be creative, and share your creation on rcgroups.com!

(California Residents add 7.75% Sales Tax)

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