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Sonic Pro

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The Sonic is a great flying wing for all occasions. Some wings are designed to excel in combat and recovery, but they lack in performance, aerobatics and speed. The Sonic was created to out perform in all areas. Fly inverted, do aerobatics, even outside loops. The energy retention is outstanding. The all EPP airframe and ¼" carbon spar running the length of the wing make the Sonic durable and ready for action.

The Pro version of the Sonic adds upgraded spars and a trailing edge stiffener for pilots who fly in heavy wind or want to push records.

Wing Span: 48"
Wing Area: 437 Sq. In.
Airfoil: Joe Wurts design
Weight: 25 oz+

Kit includes:
1.9lb EPP foam wing panels with precut spar slots
4mm Coroplast (corrugated plastic) winglets
¼ in diameter solid carbon fiber spars
Pre-angled heavy-duty aluminum joiner tube
Basswood Drag Spars
Balsa elevons
4-40 Push rods
4-40 Hardware package
Instruction Manual with diagrams

Radio Gear (Not Included):
2 Hitec HS-85MG Servos
600mah Battery

Additional Items Needed (Not Included):
3M 77 Spray Contact Cement
Xacto Knife
Sanding Block
1 1/2" or 2" Strapping Tape
Silicone Glue or CA, Epoxy, Goop, Hot Glue
Colored Packing Tape or Ultracoat for covering

The Sonic pictured was finished in colored packing tape. The possibilities are endless with how you choose to finish your Sonic. Be creative, and share your creation on rcgroups.com!

(California Residents add 7.75% Sales Tax)

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